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8 Ideas for Your Pinterest Page From Kate Spade

If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll know I have a love affair with all things Pinterest.  Also close to my heart is the fashion brand, Kate Spade New York – I find the brand’s use of fun, irreverent color and pattern so refreshing. And I’m not the only one…

KSNY Pinterest

Take a quick look at Kate Spade’s Pinterest board and it quickly becomes clear why it boasts over 200,000 followers and was recently honored with an industry accolade as the ‘best brand on Pinterest‘.  It’s like stepping into a Kate Spade world full of color, fun, charm and adventure.  The Kate Spade brand promise is all about living colorfully and it’s easy to see why it’s seen as best in class at using Pinterest to bring this to life.

For Kate Spade, using Pinterest was about “sharing brand voice, not sales but it has ended up being a sales contributor” with the brand seeing a “frequent and direct link to eCommerce sales”. (Source)  Beth Hayden, the author of Pinfluence, also champions the Pinterest effect.  She says the platform now drives more referral traffic than LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube combined. (Source)  Not only is it driving referrals but it’s also driving sales: data has shown that one in five Pinterest users has bought something in a store after pinning it or liking it on Pinterest.  For the under 35’s, it’s one in three.  (Source)

So, if you fancy getting a slice of the Pinterest pie that is 40 million monthly active users, here are eight ideas from Kate Spade’s Pinterest success.


1. Tell your story: In his book Likeable Social Media, Dave Kerpen says: “Just as we fall in love with people who listen to us and whom we can trust, we can fall in love with brands who do the same.”  Kate Spade lets you fall a little bit in love by sharing a little taster of her colourful lifestyle aligned to the brand pillars: dress colorfully, travel colorfully, think colorfully, celebrate colorfully, decorate colorfully.  There is an evergreen Pinterest board which brings to life each of these pillars of the Kate Spade lifestyle, inspiring their customers to do the same.

Kate Spade’s board also fosters the ‘trust’ factor by inviting you to get to know the people behind the brand.  President and Chief Creative Office, Deborah Lloyd has her own board where you get a peek into the inspirations for the latest collections, and other team members share a look at their ever-so-stylish desks and insights into their own muses and inspirations.


2.Work the trends: Kate Spade introduces annual creative themes – for 2014 it’s Places To Go, People To Seea board that will definitely give you a wanderlust!  From Rio de Janeiro to Paris, the board is full of pinnable pictures.  What’s super-smart is that the images of favourite cities are shared through the eyes of stylish locals such as Annie, the owner of Scooteroma who shares her city of Rome from the views of her private Vespa tours.  Then, if you’re ready to grab your passport and #travelcolorfully, they share city guides through their partner Fathom so, whether you’re looking for arts and crafts in Rio or a 60’s-themed jazz bar in Naples, Kate’s your girl.


3. Get a little word-of-mouth: What better way to get seen and talked about than to let someone else do it for you?  Kate Spade has blogging personalities such as Camille Styles and Blair Eadie of Atlantic Pacific tagged into pictures of them showcasing the fashion collection – pins that live on in the evergreen #dresscolorfully board and that get shared with the bloggers’ thousands of loyal followers.

4. Own the hashtag: Pinsights data found that over 99% of Kate Spade New York’s pins use a hashtag. (Source). It’s customers can use the hashtag as their own to talk about everyday living, but the association of #livecolorfully with the Kate Spade brand is synonymous.

5. Create original content: Of it’s 17 Pinterest boards, only two of Kate Spades’ boards are product-specific and even those subtly showcase the product range.  Not just product images, the Kate Spade team get creative to capture the customers’ interest and inspire them with how to wear it inspiration such as making a metallic top work from day to night, or a “playful pullover” work for both a casual Friday and the weekend.

french twist

6. Step into your customers shoes: Kate Spade keeps its customers engaged by giving them more than they expect.  They don’t just showcase their products, they showcase the Kate Spade lifestyle.  And here again they get creative.  The team use tutorials, such as How To Create A French Twist, and quirky checklists, like their Summer Bucket List, to bring that lifestyle to life.

AW14 playlist

7. Make it exclusive: Kate Spade is clever about giving its customers a compelling reason to follow them on various digital media platforms.  When it comes to Pinterest, they use images as a way of sharing exclusive peeks behind the scenes.  In fact, it has a Behind The Curtain board that shares the fashion, the music and “everything worth seeing” from their New York Fashion Week presentations.  By sharing images of their set playlist, for example, they let the customers step into their exclusive world.

8. Listen: Use Pinterest analytics to your advantage.  Not only can you get to know when your customers are using Pinterest but you can listen to what’s resonating with them most by checking out the most re-pinned pins.  More than 40% of Pinterest-inspired purchases are made within one week of pinning, a window of opportunity for you to drive sales of your product. (Source)  Kate Spade uses Pinterest to better understand what’s resonating with its customers and then uses the information on their most popular pins to maximize their efforts in new product design and in their broader marketing campaign.  For example, if a product is trending on Pinterest, the Kate Spade team will make sure it’s merchandised at the top of its category on their website, or is showcased on the homepage. (Source)

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Now I’d love to hear from you.  What lesson can you learn from Kate Spade’s award-winning Pinterest profile?  I’d love to hear what action you plan to take to use Pinterest to build your brand and drive sales.

Melanie Duncan is a serial entrepreneur turned online educator who has helped thousands of people around the world start and grow successful businesses. She has consulted on digital strategy with major corporations, and in 2012 she created a revolutionary training, called the Power of Pinning, which melded together visual marketing principles with psychological triggers to educate businesses on how to leverage the profitable platform Pinterest. This training has been utilized by over 13,000 entrepreneurs and social media strategists around the world.

She leads a community of over 120,000 subscribers and is also the cofounder of the Online Edge Academy – a premium membership program that empowers thousands of business owners by providing them with resources, relationships and valuable training materials.

All images sourced via Kate Spade Pinterest

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