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The Top 10 "Must Have" Tools for Growing an Online Business


How to Make More Money Each Day

Did you know that it’s possible to work less and actually make more?

It’s not just a catchy slogan, it’s a system that successful people use to prioritize their projects and get bigger results from the time that they invest while working.

We have got to stop the glorification of busy in our society!

It takes no talent to fill a day with things to do, but incredible skills to only work on the projects that will provide us with BIG WINS in our businesses.

I do a simple exercise each day to help me to stay focused and on point, and today I’d like to share it with you.

It’s actually quite simple…

I print out the chart that you see below and set a timer on my phone to go off every 2 hours to remind me to record what I’ve been working on.

Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 3.38.27 PM


$10 activities are things like answering random customer service emails about lost passwords, or taking something to the post office to ship.

$100 are more like updating my Facebook page, or doing an interview with someone.

$1,000 activities are writing emails or working on a sales page.

$10,000 activities are higher level things that really make a difference like business strategy, hiring key players for my team, and creating new blockbuster products & trainings.

At the end of each day I total up the hours that I’ve spent in each column, multiple them by their rate and then add it all together to see how much value I produced for my business that day.

This helps me measure whether I am on the right track, and should spend my time in a similar manner tomorrow – OR if I really need to reevaluate how I am spending my time.

REMEMBER: You don’t build a million dollar business doing $10/hr work all day.

It’s shocking how when you start measuring where your time is spent, how much of it goes towards silly, non-important tasks.

Because we only have a limited amount of hours each day, it is essential that we approach them with insight and awareness.

So what do you think?

Comment below and tell me which column you think that you are currently spending the majority of your time in (and if you plan to change that). :)

I hope this helps you work less and make more!






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The Top 10

must have


For Growing a Business

For Growing a Business

The Top 10

"Must Have" Tools

For Growing an Online Business