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The Top 10 "Must Have" Tools for Growing an Online Business


A Terrifying (But Terrific) Way to Increase Your Sales

I still remember it like it was yesterday..,

My palms were sweaty and I wasn’t able to eat anything all day.

I had barely gotten any sleep the night before because my stomach was so full of butterflies.


It was the afternoon of my first webinar.

I had rehearsed my slides a dozen times, and I knew the content backwards and forwards, but there was something about getting on a virtual call in front of hundreds of real people that was just so scary.

I still remember my husband prying me out of our bedroom and leading me over to my desk.

“Mel” he said. “There are 300 people on. You’ve got to get started!”

So I did what any of us would do, took a deep breath and clicked “start broadcast.”

My voice noticeably trembled for about the first 15 minutes, but then (finally!) I found my groove.

One of the best things that I did was admit that I was nervous.

I couldn’t believe how nice and supportive people were once I put it out there and showed a little bit of vulnerability.

People actually started complimenting me in the chat and it started to become -wait for it- FUN!!

But let me give it to you straight, do you know what really got me hooked?

The $2,500 I made in 90 minutes.

Before that I had been struggling to get sales for my information product on Pinterest, but selling on webinars changed everything for me – and it can for you too! Keep reading to learn how….

After my first webinar, I promptly headed down the street to Bergdorf Goodman and bought something that I had been dreaming of for years: my first pair of Chanel flats.

Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 6.34.34 PM.jpg

Here’s the deal, hosting a webinar is the fastest and most effective way to sell more of your products and services in the shortest amount of time.

Though this is an amazingly effective strategy, webinars can be terrifying and tricky to get right.

Maybe you’re not super tech savvy or you’re a little afraid of the spotlight?

Though the thought may be daunting image who incredible it would feel to be on a live call with hundreds of people hanging on your every word who can’t wait to buy your products or services!

Imagine how many people you could help if you had a way to effectively teach and share your knowledge of a larger scale.

This all sounds great right?

However when you’re just getting started it’s easy to make a lot of BIG MISTAKES.

  • Do you know exactly what you should sell?
  • Do you know what to say and when to keep your audience engaged and riveted?
  • Do you know how to successfully sell so that your offer is a “no-brainer”?

If not, let me help you.

I’ve developed a step-by-step formula for creating webinars that you can use to build your business and your bank account.

I’ve personally hosted HUNDREDS of webinars over the last 2 years so I know what works and what doesn’t.

In fact, I have sold over $1 million dollars worth of information products and services using webinars and I’m going to show you exactly how I did it.

Here is a video from inside my Webinar Selling System Training for you to get a feel for the value that I can deliver.

In this video I will walk you through the fundamentals of creating an engaging webinar training with high conversion rates.

You will discover:

  • The best topics to teach through webinar training
  • How to create a captivating title
  • The best date and time to host your webinar to increase your attendance and conversion rates

If you liked that you’ll LOVE the full training.

blog teaser image 1

This training will show you exactly how to create webinars that sell.

I will teach you my personal step-by-step simple formula to easily plan our your webinar content as well as tools, software guides and priceless swipe files.

md b2 heres what you learn png

The 100% online training is filled to the brim with the materials and insight that you need to successfully host your first (or your best ever) webinar.

Keep reading to discover more…


md b2 heres what you get png

The Webinar Selling System is an exclusive training only for the elite members of my Online Edge Academy.

Now, enrollment to the Academy is currently closed to the public, but if you use this link you can join right now!

These webinar selling strategies are so impactful I wanted to give you a chance to benefit from them as well.

Have you been searching for a place where you will be a part of a community of smart, passionate people who are successfully growing their businesses online?

The Online Edge Academy is for all types of businesses from digital product sellers, physical product sellers, coaches and consultants to service providers.

Being a business owner myself, I understand the importance of convenience and productivity. That’s why I’ve added the following features to the Academy just for busy people like YOU:

– Log in and access all of the resources and materials from any device anywhere you have an internet connection.

– Want to revisit material? You have access to all of the courses that you have unlocked as long as you are a member.

– We offer valuable templates, swipe files and done-for-you short cuts so that we aren’t adding to you list of things to do. We want to help you get more done in less time.

Plus each month that you are a member you can continue to unlock great new trainings and resources. Learn more HERE.

Join our community of thousands of entrepreneurs who are successfully growing their businesses online and get access to the Webinar Selling System Training and so much more!

Here’s what members are saying about the Webinar Selling System Training:

teaser blog 2 image 2 png

This webinar training is for you if:

– You are looking to sell more services or information products online.

– You are a coach, service provider, expert, internet marketer- even if you don’t currently have a product to sell!

– You are an ecommerce and traditional product seller and are willing to think outside the box to create valuable trainings and promotions to educate your audience. 

This webinar training is not for you if:

– You are a traditional ecommerce/physical product seller who does not see a need for additional training or education for your audience on how to use your products.

Imagine the impact that would be possible in your business and your life if you could start selling thousands of dollars of your products or services in less than a few hours!!! (I mean HELLO!)

Join me and learn one of the most effective ways to reach your businesses full potential.

To your success.



Now I want to hear from you? Any fun stories from your first webinar? What’s holding you back if you haven’t tried hosting one yet?

I look forward to reading your responses.



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The Top 10

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For Growing a Business

The Top 10

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